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November "Cool Site of the Nite"
1 Evel Knievel's Worldwide Marketplace
2 Colour My World
3 Email du Jour
4 The Crocodile Hunter -A Resource Guide
5 Poke-Mart
6 photofun
7 extremekids
8 My BCDirectory
9 chatvoice
10 acousticguitar
11 uptowncity
12 whoswhoontheweb
13 essayedge
14 abc-market
15 Advice
16 referencedesk
17 Quick Browse
18 Familiar Quotations
19 Overstock
20 Handango
21 Crosswords
22 LeapFrog
23 MakeMyWish
24 FlipSide
25 Birthday Party Ideas
26 ClicknBurn
27 The Sleep Site
28 Spell-A-Rama Card Game Online
29 Coming!!
30 Coming!!

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